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Phil Eubank

Phil Eubank

Phil Eubank provides comprehensive wealth management and advisory services as well as financial and tax planning services in the areas of: investments ▪ retirement and retirement plans ▪ pension rollover/distribution strategies ▪ estates and trusts ▪ charitable gifting ▪ taxation (individual, business, estate & trust) ▪ tax audit/collections representation ▪ risk management (life, health, disability insurance, annuities) ▪ personal net worth/cash flow analysis ▪ budgeting/credit management ▪ mortgage/business loans ▪ real estate and small business consulting.

My Commitment

I am focused on providing you with personal, caring service with your goals and best interests in mind. As your "independent" Financial Professional and trusted advisor, I will do everything in my power to keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you on how to get there and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to pursuing your dreams. I pledge to be responsive to your needs, requests and concerns by communicating with you in a timely, honest manner. I strongly believe that effective and open two-way communication is the cornerstone of a successful and long term relationship.

My Mission and Service Philosophy

My primary goal is to provide a practical problem solving, holistic planning approach to real life situations and challenges. I will analyze the big picture to see how the various parts fit together and then devise the most effective strategy to help my clients reach their important objectives. There is nothing routine in what I do as I constantly strive to improve my clients’ financial health and wealth, employing a number of tools and techniques, including sound tax planning. 

I am a staunch advocate of professional education and ethics, which I feel is the consumer’s best protection against the unscrupulous. 

I enjoy empowering my clients with knowledge and useful information so that they may make informed decisions. It is my lifelong quest that such knowledge will put them onto the path of a peaceful and financially secure life.